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The French Film Commission
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Bureau d'accueil des tournages de Guadeloupe

Guadeloupe Film Commission
Direction de la Culture et des Sports
Hôtel de Région, Avenue Paul Lacavé, Petit-Paris
97109 Basse-Terre

Tel : 0690 49 56 49
Mail :
Site :
Tony Coco-Viloin
The Regional Film Commission of Guadeloupe is pursuing its broad mandate to facilitate the shooting and post-production of audiovisual content and to provide filmmakers with access to local resources. The Film Commission can offer you the following services (N.B. this is a non- exhaustive list): Set and documentation research Access to a network of professional contacts Access to a network of institutional contacts Logistic support · Data on location sites · Direct contact with the official administration (for film licences/ shooting permits) · Requis, location scouting, research for sets and costumes · A database of local actors and technicians · Listing of equipment rental agencies and service providers · Rental of locales for casting calls and organisation/ administration · Assistance with organising accommodation and transport For all other types of services and for specific needs, please do not hesitate to contact us.