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The Regional Council of Reunion Island and the French State have entrusted the Agence Film Reunion with the implementation of a dynamic policy of support for the cinema, audiovisual and new media to encourage their diversity and emergence.

This policy covers everything from the creation and production of films to their distribution to all audiences. The Agence Film Reunion was founded in 2001 and is since then part of the national network Film France. It has been providing the following missions:

– Hosting film shoots: As a Film Commission and thanks to its partnership with Film France, the French Film Commission, the AFR provides advice and support to production companies wishing to film on the island, and respond to requests from local and international production companies for production and filming opportunities as well as for local human resources.

– Supporting project leaders: We provide information and guidance to project leaders in the context of the examination of their applications for financial assistance from the Reunion Region.

– Providing expertise, support and monitoring of the industry: The Agence Film Réunion represents Reunion’s audiovisual, film and multimedia industry on foreign markets. To this end, we regularly accompany professionals to the various film markets during national and international festivals (Cannes, Annecy, La Rochelle, Clermont-Ferrand). The Agence Film Reunion thus promotes the region and supports the local audiovisual, film and multimedia industry by developing companies and talent and by helping to increase the quality of productions, reception services and promotion in the rest of France, in the OI zone and internationally. We promote local talent to attract national and international productions to develop Reunionese cinema.

– Raising awareness of the visual arts among young audiences: In order to promote and develop local cinema, the agency contributes to raising awareness of this subject among young audiences. Thus, for several years we have been coordinators with the Rectorat of the “Schools and colleges at the cinema” and “Students and apprentices at the cinema” schemes.

Bassin La Paix

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Cirque de Mafate

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Plaine des sables

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Petite Île

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Route des Tamarins

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