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There is no filming authorization which covers the whole of France. Each filming location must be subject to a specific authorization.

In some cases, it is simply a matter of obtaining a written agreement in principle, without the need for a fee. In other cases, you must pay a fee, the amount of which depends both on the nature of the project and the duration of the shooting. This cost will be specified at the time of the authorization request by the organization / owner requested.

As part of its missions, the Film France network:

  • Identifies the nature/needs of each shoot (logistics, accessibility, prices, etc.);
  • Contributes to improving the dialogue between film industry professionals and site managers who host filming.

Do not hesitate to contact the film commissions of Film France network.


In order to obtain an authorization to film in a specific location as quickly as possible, it is recommended that you first prepare a file with as much information you have to hand. This file can generally be sent by email or to be completed online, if possible in French (otherwise in English). It generally includes the following elements:

  • Project title;
  • Name of the director;
  • Production company;
  • Type of project (short film, fiction, feature film, documentary, reality TV, clip, broadcast shows, etc.);
  • Estimated budget;
  • Dates (and times if possible) of shoot;
  • Number of days planned;
  • Certificate of insurance for the shoot;
  • Precise description of the scenes to take place in the location in question;
  • Extract from the script or synopsis related to the filming location (complete script in some cases);
  • Number of technicians;
  • Description of the equipment used (lighting, generator sets, crane, dolly, tracking shot, etc.);
  • Number of vehicles;
  • Sometimes you are asked to show a request for rental of equipment and / or services.

Specific authorizations