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France aims to be an exemplary industry by making the eco-responsibility of French production a competitive advantage and a key factor in our international appeal.

Plan Action! & eco-conditionality of CNC subsidies

In 2021, CNC president announced “Plan Action!”: a public policy plan for the ecological and energy transition of the cinema to support the industry in its ecological and energy transition. 

One of the measures included in the “Plan Action!” is the progressive eco-conditionality of CNC subsidies

  • From March 31, 2023, the CNC requires beneficiaries of production grants to submit a provisional and final report on the carbon emissions generated by the production of their works. 
  • From January 1, 2024, the submission of this double carbon footprint will be a condition for obtaining production subsidies from the CNC. 

Nb : This eco-conditionality is not required for international production applying for the Tax rebate. 

Carbon measurement tools

Two tools are approved by the CNC:  

  • SeCO2 developed by the company Secoya Eco-tournage. 
  • Carbon’ Clap developed by the association Ecoprod.  

They are currently the only means available to productions to assess their carbon impact and pilot a low-carbon approach. 


Several actions can be taken to gradually commit to an eco-responsible approach depending on your position and experience: 

  • Training: Numerous training and awareness courses are organized throughout France to familiarize yourself with eco-responsible approaches or to develop your expertise and specialize in this field.
  • Surround yourself with people: with other professionals who are motivated or at least aware of the issue is essential to engage a project in this approach. Do not hesitate to exchange with your peers during professional meetings, or within the framework of associations of technicians and professional associations. The film commissions can also help you identify local professionals involved in these approaches.

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