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All productions in France must have insurance covering the risks inherent to filming.

Types of risks :

  • Civil liability with :
    • coverage of the filming locations
    • coverage for accidental bodily injury to artists and technicians
  • Pecuniary loss;
  • Damage to property and equipment (including vehicles);
  • Additional expenses.

As the risks are special, it is recommended to call upon an insurance company specialized in the sector to subscribe to guarantees specific to the activity of cinematographic and audiovisual production.

Risks inherent to filming

Civil liability risks

Civil liability includes the risks incumbent on the insured in case of damage caused to third parties (people and property) due to the personnel hired and the equipment used during the shooting. The production company, whether French or foreign, must have a civil liability contract for itself and for third parties covering all cases of accidents:

  1. Either from its country of origin by checking that it is applicable in France;
  2. Or through a French company, especially in the case of co-production.

Civil liability insurance must be taken out from the beginning of the preparation of the film until the end of the post-production work.

The insurance certificate is essential for most filming authorizations.

The risks of pecuniary loss

The pecuniary loss corresponds :

  • Additional costs to complete the shooting in excess of what would have been incurred without the occurrence of a partial loss;
  • Expenses incurred by the company until the final stop of the production in case of total abandonment of the shooting.

Several types of guarantees are possible (non exhaustive list)

The “production” guarantee

To compensate for the financial loss resulting directly and exclusively from the impossibility of starting the production, or from the need to interrupt it, or from the need to abandon it.

It is divided into 3 parts:

  • The “before pre-production” guarantee covers any pecuniary loss caused by the abandonment of the project as a result of the unavailability of people (e.g. illness; it should be noted that the illness guarantee is only effective after the obligatory visit to the doctor designated by the insurer) or animals designated in the contract.
  • The “pre-production” guarantee takes into account the above-mentioned risks covered by the “before pre-production” guarantee as well as unavailability due to water damage, fire, loss or accident of an asset necessary for the production.
  • The “production” guarantee covers the same risks mentioned above and extends to the entire duration of the shooting.

The “support” guarantee

To compensate for pecuniary losses caused by the deterioration, the total or partial loss of the supports used for the shooting of the film, during the transport of the support or its treatment in laboratory. The following are excluded from the guarantee: the use of defective equipment, handling, development and editing errors.

The “weather day” guarantee

To compensate for financial losses incurred due to the interruption or delay of production as a result of unfavorable weather conditions (bad weather, lack of sunshine, etc.).

Other guarantees can be considered: “transport of funds” guarantee, “individual accident” guarantee, “automobile” guarantee, guarantee to cover the risks associated with the secondment of firemen to a filming. Errors and omissions coverage is designed to protect the producer from claims by third parties. This can happen, for example, when the content of the film is interpreted as an invasion of privacy, plagiarism, defamation…

Risks of damage to property or equipment

This is material damage affecting buildings, sets, equipment, office equipment, and which leads to a delay.

Several types of guarantees are possible:

  • The “furniture, set, costume” guarantee intervenes in case of damage caused on the set during transport or storage.
  • The “constructed sets” guarantee comes into play in the event of total or partial destruction of the set.
  • The “all material risks” guarantee offers a more extensive coverage of the material.

Specialized brokers

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