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Pyrénées-Atlantiques Film Commission

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Filming in Bearn and Basque Country
The Agence du Film 64 is the official Film Commission (member of the CNC) of the Pyrénées-Atlantiques department.

As a filming reception office, it welcomes film and audiovisual professionals who wish to film in Bearn or the Basque Country. As such, it accompanies productions and film crews at each stage of the project, whatever the nature of the film project (series, TV movies, films, short films and feature films, documentaries, commercials, clips, reality TV, fiction and TV shoots…)

Since 2018, its two main missions are:

  • the promotion of the territory as a land of filming:
    • Valuation of all the richness of the territory, from local professionals to architectural, cultural, natural resources
    • pre-reproduction of sets
    • promotion of the department’s assets during meetings with producers and directors and at festivals.
  • Accompanying film crews:
    • connecting with local talent (technicians, artists, extras)
    • help in obtaining filming permits from owners and municipalities
    • logistical support: offices, casting rooms, contact with accommodations…

As part of the Agence Départementale du Tourisme 64, the Agence du Film 64 is the operational tool of the Pyrénées-Atlantiques department in the field of cinema and audiovisual. Its mission is to promote economic development and employment, as well as to enhance the attractiveness of Bearn and the Basque Country.

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Agence d'attractivité et de Développement Touristique

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