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Lot-et-Garonne Film Commission

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Lot-et-Garonne, our territory, your ideas.

In the heart of France’s South West, at the crossroads of Nouvelle-Aquitaine and Occitanie regions, the Lot-et-Garonne department presents a cinematographic ecosystem rich in specialized talents, technicians and service providers that offer numerous opportunities for filmmakers.

An hour away from Bordeaux and Toulouse international airports, 1h30 away from Paris by plane and 3h15 by train (TGV), Lot-et-Garonne offers, thanks to its architectural and landscape wealth, varied, accessible and diversified scenery, emblematic of the French countryside:

  • Duras and Marmande vineyards and their castles
  •  Medieval cities, villages with outstanding character, some of them classified among the most beautiful in France, dominate the valleys from the top of their “pech” (promontories)
  •  The Haut-Agenais, on the edge of Périgord and its Tuscan landscapes
  • The Albret’s country, land of King Henry IV
  • The Landes de Gascogne forests
  • The Quercy Blanc (White Quercy), with its oak and chestnut forests and its rocky landscape
  • More than 200 km of waterways along the Garonne, the Baïse and the Canal des Deux Mers (Two Seas Canal)
  • Urban and contemporary decor like in Agen, the department’s main city

A mosaic of landscapes, a unique territory for endless filming opportunities.

Lot-et-Garonne it’s also a film commission (Bureau d’Accueil des Tournages) that puts its network and territory knowledge at the service of each project and a cinema support fund linked to the Nouvelle-Aquitaine regional fund.

They have chosen Lot-et-Garonne:

  • Stéphane Brizé (En Guerre, ”At War” – Official Selection Cannes 2018)
  • Léa Fehner (Les Ogres)
  • Cédric Kahn (Fête de Famille, ”Happy Birthday”)
  • Yossi Aviram (La Dune)
  • Fabien Gorgeart (Diane a les épaules)
  • Sacha Wolff (Mercenaire, ”Mercenary” – Quinzaine des réalisateurs Cannes 2016)
  • Martin Le Gall (Pop Rédemption)
  • Just Philippot (La Nuée – Semaine de la critique Cannes 2020) …

Contact details

Espace Productions 47

16 rue Nationale

47110 Sainte Livrade sur Lot

(+33) 5 53 41 65 19


© Olivier Gachen, BAT47

Château de Bonaguil

© Olivier Gachen, BAT47

© BAT47

Eglise de Laplume

© BAT47

Séchoir à tabac

© Olivier Gachen, BAT47

Carrière de Fumel

© Hervé Bonnet, BAT47


© Hervé Bonnet, BAT47


© BAT47


© BAT47

La Garonne

© Olivier Gachen, BAT47

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