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French Guyana film commission

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The vast natural settings of French Guiana take you to Amazonia, Africa, Asia and South America. You can shoot in the primary forest, in urban areas, by the river, on an island, in the savannahs… You can also imagine a wild- west setting in some of our cities.


By choosing French Guiana, you will be eligible for the national and international tax credit, the C2i, but also financial supports from the Centre National du Cinéma, the Territorial Authority of French Guiana and a payroll tax deduction specific to overseas French territories…


The cultural mix of Guiana can be seen on the faces of its inhabitants. Actors and extras representing people from all over the world live together on the territory, Amerindian, Africans, Asians, Creoles, Europeans, South Americans and Caribbean people live here…


The professionalism of our technicians is recognized by anyone who have worked in French Guiana. They are multiplying projects beyond our borders in order to gain further experience. Most of them are multilingual.

Contact details

Mission Développement Culturel Coordination et Actions Territoriales

27 avenue Pasteur


(+594) 694 42 70 11


Christ-Laur Philipps

Film commissioner

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