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The Brittany Film Commission

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BRETAGNE CINEMA: the label of quality to support and develop your project in Brittany. The Brittany Film Commission provides free advice and assistance to all production teams (feature films, TV dramas, series, documentaries, animation, commercials etc.). Our aim is to make life easier for teams who choose to shoot their films in Brittany, by acting as a consultant and intermediary and by offering help wherever we can. We can help with finding locations, recruiting local crew and cast, liaising with local authorities and local producers.

Contact details


1, rue Raoul Ponchon - CS 46 938

35069 Rennes Cedex

(+33) 2 99 28 44 60

© Fanny Sabatier, Bretagne Cinéma

© Mathieu Le Gall, Tourisme Bretagne

© Emmanuel Berthier, Tourisme Bretagne

© Emmanuel Berthier, Tourisme Bretagne

© Fanny Sabatier, Bretagne Cinéma