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The French Film Commission
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Commission du film Occitanie (Gers, Hte-Garonne, Htes-Pyrénées, Ariège)

Occitanie Film Commission (Gers, Hte-Garonne, Htes-Pyrénées, Ariège)
Ciné 32
Allée des Arts
32000 Auch

Tel : +33 (0)6 86 78 73 36
Mail :
Site :
Josiane Bled
Sarah Vallez
The Film Commision provides free assistance and logistical support for filming that is shot in the Occitanie region and more specifically in the Gers, Haute-Garonne, Hautes-Pyrenees and Ariege departments. The Film Commission, integrated in the association Cine 32, is funded by the region Occitanie and the Gers department.