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Network of 40 film commissions

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Guadeloupe Film Commission

The Regional Film Commission of Guadeloupe is pursuing its broad mandate to facilitate the shooting and post-production of audiovisual content and to provide filmmakers with access to local resources. The Film Commission can offer you the following services (N.B. this is a non- exhaustive list): Set and documentation research Access to a network of professional contacts Access to a network of institutional contacts Logistic support · Data on location sites · Direct contact with the official administration (for film licences/ shooting permits) · Requis, location scouting, research for sets and costumes · A database of local actors and technicians · Listing of equipment rental agencies and service providers · Rental of locales for casting calls and organisation/ administration · Assistance with organising accommodation and transport For all other types of services and for specific needs, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Guadeloupe Film Commission
Direction de la Culture et de la Formation Artistique
Hôtel de Région, Avenue Paul Lacavé, Petit-Paris
97109 Basse-Terre

Tel : 0590 80 41 57
Fax : 05 90 80 40 87
Mail :
Site :
Tony Coco-Viloin