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Film France
The French Film Commission
The French Film Commission
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Key reasons to shoot in France

Tax Rebate for International Production (TRIP):
a tailored incentive for your projects


Brand New : 10% VFX-related Tax Rebate bonus 
Subject to certain conditions, projects may be eligible for a 10% VFX-related bonus and therefore benefit from a 40% Tax Rebate on all eligible expenses. More to be published here soon.

From Jan 1st, 2016, the new provisions for the international scheme include an increase in the rate from 20% to 30% and in the ceiling from €20 million ($21.7 million) to €30 million ($32.5 million) per project.

It applies to both animated and live-action projects, including TV and web-series and feature films. French-based VFX and post-production expenditures are eligible.

US companies such as Warner Bros. (Hugo), Universal (Despicable Me, The Minions),
Sony (The Shallows), Marvel (Thor), DC Entertainment (Red 2), Lionsgate (Hunger Games), Legendary Pictures (As Above So Below), Fox (The Darkest Hour),
Disney (The Hundred Foot Journey), Columbia Pictures (The Tourist),

Amazon (The Cosmopolitans), Netflix (Casanova, F is for Family) already chose France for parts of their productions and enjoyed the tax incentive.

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2 Currency Rate  
  On top of the 30% rebate, the euro still stands at a record low level, makes France an extremely attractive destination for US.  
3 An unbelievable and affordable range of filming locations  

France enjoys a breathtaking range of locations, from mountains to surf spots, from deserted old volcano landscapes to idyllic coastal locations such as the Riviera, on mainland France as well as the overseas territories. An amazing number of historical monuments can satisfy the needs of any period film, thriller, future apocalyptic drama or romantic comedy.

As for affordability, you can shoot at world famous landmarks, such near the Eiffel Tower in daylight or Notre Dame Cathedral for free! You will not be charged for shooting on the streets of Paris, as opposed to in some other capitals.

4 State of the art facilities  

Top level facilities, including studios, digital labs and VFX houses that have worked on major productions such as The Dark Knight, Harry Potter, Avatar, The Minions, Thor, Inception, or more recently Pablo Larrain’s Jacky, filmed in one of the Paris Studios.

5 Security and Transport  

France has a great domestic transportation network with motorways and high-speed trains, excellent international flight connections.

Since last November, priority has been given to security with wider powers granted to the various forces tasked with protecting the population, including workers and tourists. France remains one of the world top destinations for travelers.

6 Dedication to filmmaking and quality of the crews  

Skilled talents and highly trained crews contribute every year to the production of
250 features, as well as more than 4800 hours of television shows in France.

They work fast with a spirit of initiative, which seduces even the most demanding directors such as Woody Allen, Martin Scorsese, Lasse Hallström, Steven Soderbergh, Doug Liman, Stephen Frears, among others.

Solutions are available to fit all budgets, at all price ranges, from big movies such as Besson’s blockbuster Lucy to small-crew low-budget filmmaking.

7 Renowned training  

France offers a large number of specialized cinema and TV training programs.
In 2015, Les Gobelins ranked the number 1 animation school worldwide.

Every year, French graduates are massively hired by the most influential US animation studios. Their talent contributed to the success of the 3D computer-animated Universal Minions comedies made in the Paris based studio Illumination Mac Guff.

The Femis is one of the most notable cinema schools. Attendees include budding filmmakers such as the Academy Award Nominee Deniz Gamze Ergüven for Mustang, competing this year for best foreign language film.

8 Dedicated agencies to provide assistance to foreign productions  

The Film France network with its 41 local film commissions throughout the country offers free information on locations, crews, labor rates and facilities.

Film France is a state-funded agency supported by the French national center for cinema.


Film France, a state-funding agency (supported by the CNC) in charge of promoting France, is the first stop for foreign productions preparing to film in France. A network of local film commissions throughout France and the French overseas territories.

Once upon a time in France...

Free information on locations, crews, labour rates and facilities.

Providing assistance with contacting appropriate agencies regarding immigration/work permits and filming permits, as well as information regarding labour rates, studio facilities, post-production facilities and suppliers. Nowhere else in Europe will you find such a large diversity of locations combined with a highly skilled workforce.

Providing information about coproduction opportunities in France and assists foreign producer who want to apply for the TRIP (Tax Rebate for International Production).

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