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French VFX crews are famous for their talent and creativity, they are also trustworthy and available. They are well trained thanks to the large number of specialized training programs in France. These schools are in the ten top international animation schools.

The Tax Rebate for International Production (TRIP) is a major asset. It took an even more interesting turn for the sector with the addition in 2020 of a 10% bonus, pushing the TRIP to 40%. The 10% bonus applies to VFX-intensive projects with more than €2M of VFX-related eligible French expenditure. Once the €2M threshold is passed, the 40% tax rebate applies on all of project’s eligible spends. Be careful, animation project don’t qualify for the bonus.

More about VFX

France VFX is an association which brings together 15 French visual effects studios to highlight the diversity and multiple talents of French VFX studios. Here is a closer look at this professional partner at the cutting edge of technology with its co-chairman, Olivier Emery.