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10 Good reasons to shoot in France

   1. A 20% tax rebate
Since 2009, France offers a 20% tax rebate for foreign features and TV productions. The TRIP (tax rebate for international production) can go up to € 4 million. Official coproductions with French partners not included. Contact Film France:
   2. A dedication to filmmaking
Since cinema here is considered an art form, filmmakers enjoy incredible respect and the crew’s dedication is remarkable. It’s not simply a job for them.
   3. No hiring quotas
No union quotas! Producers are free to come and shoot with their own crew or hire local people.
   4. Award winning talents
No foreign-speaking country in the world can provide you with as many Academy-Award-nominated crew members as France: cinematographers, costume and production designers, composers, editors, etc.
   5. State of the art facilities
Top level facilities, including digital labs and VFX houses that have worked on major productions such as The Matrix, Batman Begins, The Dark Night, Speed Racer, Underworld…
   6. There is a solution fit to your budget
France is a house with many doors. 200 features are produced here every year, from low budget to USD100 million epics. Therefore you can find crews and solutions at all price ranges, from studio movies to guerilla filmmaking.
   7. An affordable destination
France actually isn’t as expensive as you think. You can shoot at world famous landmarks, such as the Eiffel Tower or Notre Dame Cathedral for free! Furthermore, you will not be charged for shooting on the streets of Paris, as opposed to in some other capitals. So in France you get a lot for your money.
   8. Safety and comfort
France is a safe country, with very strong rules of security, hygiene and health. And amazing transportation infrastructures.
   9. An unbelievable range of locations
France enjoys a breathtaking range of locations, from mountains to surf spots, from deserted landscapes to idyllic coastal locations such as the Riviera. You will also find the greatest number of historical monuments in the world, enough to satisfy the needs of any period film or heroic fantasy piece. The Film France network consisting of 40 local film commissions will give you quick and cost-effective access to these locations.
   10. Enjoy France!
When your shooting day is over, you can sit back and enjoy the French way of life, from top level hotels to cozy little cafés. Not to mention the best food and the best wine in the world.