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Film France
The French Film Commission
The French Film Commission
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Film France in Cannes from 14 to 23 May 2019

The Film France booth (in partnership with the FICAM — the film, audiovisual & multimedia rental & studio companies federation), is an open and cosy space located west of the Palais at the Village International Pantiero. This umbrella booth brings together France’s film commissions and regional funds and agencies as well as other providers to help you shoot in France.

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   Where to find us

Opening hours: 9:30 – 18:30

   Who to meet on the Film France – Ficam booth
For questions about shooting in France, the tax rebate for international production as well as financing your project for France in France, contact Jérémie Dubernet-Hardy at jeremie[AT]filmfrance.netor Matthew Parker matthew[AT]
• FICAM (Fédération des Industries du Cinéma, de l'Audiovisuel et du Multimedia)
• 20 film commissions
• 14 territorial funds

• ECOPROD — dedicated to reducing the carbon footprint of audiovisual productions
• SNCF — the train stations and train locations experts for train travel and film shoots

   How to make appointments
To set up a meeting with people at the booth, please either contact us before arrival or leave your business card at the booth with our staff.

We share our terrace with the Provence Alpes Cote d’Azur / Région Sud Regional stand and the Marseille Film Office (offering an extensive array of services and locations to productions).
   The events
Come and meet us!
Monday 20th May, 3pm:
"Working with France: Learn about France’s 30% Tax Rebate for International Production and co-productions from Film France and CNC experts"


Film France, a state-funding agency (supported by the CNC) in charge of promoting France, is the first stop for foreign productions preparing to film in France. A network of local film commissions throughout France and the French overseas territories.

Free information on locations, crews, labour rates and facilities.

Providing assistance with contacting appropriate agencies regarding immigration/work permits and filming permits, as well as information regarding labour rates, studio facilities, post-production facilities and suppliers. Nowhere else in Europe will you find such a large diversity of locations combined with a highly skilled workforce.

Providing information about coproduction opportunities in France and assists foreign producer who want to apply for the TRIP (Tax Rebate for International Production).

For further information, please consult the FAQ...

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