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  My Old Lady: Israel Horowitz's film in Paris
My Old Lady, Israel Horowitz's new « dramedy », is currently playing in american theatres, soon to be released in the UK (21 november 2014).

The film is distributed in Canada and the United States by Cohen Media Group and in the United Kingdom by Artificial Eye. It was produced by BBC Films and Deux chevaux Films. French servicing production was Full Dawa in collaboration with The Ile-de-France Film Commission and Paris Film. It benefited from the Tax rebate for international production (TRIP) supports.

The film was shot in France in autumn 2013 and stars Maggie Smith, Kristin Scott Thomas, Kevin Kline and the French actor Dominique Pinon. The famous 75 years old playwright, Israel Horowitz, tells here the story of Mathias, a down-and-out New Yorker, who suddenly inherits an apartment in Paris that comes with an unexpected resident, an old woman named Mathilde who lives with her daughter Chloé. The trio will connect in unexpected ways.

The film features famous Parisian streets such as “rue des des Francs-Bourgeois” and “rue de Sévigné” and many scenes were also shot in “La Manufacture des Gobelins”. Israel Horowitz is one of many film director, among whom Woody Allen or Whit Stillman (also beneficiaries of the TRIP), who decided to shot in Paris during the last few years with the intention to “write a love letter to France”.

Quote from the NY times: »

  The Cosmopolitans in Paris
The Cosmopolitans, Whit Stillman's new series set in Paris, has been released on Amazon website.

"I would say overall it was a dream. Nicest and best crew – as nice and good a crew as any I've ever worked with. It was ideal." declared Whit Stillman, reminiscing about his perfect shoot in Paris.

The director of Metropolitan and the Last Days of Disco seems delighted with his last spring Paris shoot of The Cosmopolitans pilot, produced in France by Firstep. The pilot was financed by Amazon with the Tax rebate for international production supports (TRIP) and released on Amazon website on August 28th. The show follows a group of young American searching for love and friendship in Paris. The film displays the same humor and wit as Stillman's previous films.

“I had so many stories set in Paris. Prior to that, when I had spoken to companies about these stories, they said, we like this, but you have to move this to New York - we can't do this story in Paris. This is the first thing I've done since Metropolitan where I feel I really know the milieu, I'm really dealing with things I know about.” Expressed Whit Stillman who lived in Paris for a long time. Film France is looking forward to the greenlight for the whole series that could enter in production again this fall.

Sources for the quotes of Mr Stillman:

Don't hesitate to watch the episode on Amazon website: »

  Bollywood in Corsica
Stars from Mumbai celebrate the end of the 16-day-film-shoot of TAMASHA.

Directed by Imtiaz Ali, starring Ranbir Kapoor & Deepika Padukone, TAMASHA is the first Indian film to get the TRIP and spends more that 1M€ on eligible expenses in France. Corsica Film Office assisted the production services company "ifilmfrance" to organize the shoot in Corsica.

The film shot in the picturesque towns of Bastia, Bonifacio and Calvi and one dance scene was filmed on a town square with more than 570 local extras! Composer A.R. Rahman wrote songs that mixed the polyphonic & traditional music of Corsica with Indian film music.

Film France is looking forward to seeing the result on the big screen!


A Young Indian girl finds herself in big trouble when she loses her bag full of possessions in the French island of Corsica. No one but this young backpacker from the same country understands her position. He helps her, he is kind to her. They have to stick together till she receives her new passport and some money. However like all good times this has to come to an end too eventually. She says goodbye and leaves Corsica behind but his memory never quite escapes her... Four years on she tries to find him. He's not the same person anymore. What will happen remains to be seen.

  Film France in Annecy
FILM FRANCE, Booth No: 4.C12

France offers many different incentives to foreign producers developing their next animation feature or series. If you need to know more about the CNC CO-PRODUCTION SYSTEM, or about the TRIP (TAX REBATE FOR INTERNATIONAL PRODUCTION), please visit our booth at MIFA and collect our ANIMATION INCENTIVES GUIDE.

Film France reps will also be available for meetings from Wednesday 11th until Friday 13th. To schedule a meeting, simply write to

We look forward meeting you in Annecy.

  En Route to France conference
Time: 14:30-16:00, Friday April 18th, 2014 Venue: MOMA, Broadway cinematheque, 1 Xiangheyuan Rd, Dongcheng, Beijing,

France has been the most powerful film industry in Europe for a long time, with also a thriving TV sector. In the past few years, it has also established itself as the key hub for international, seducing Hollywood as well as attracting many film and TV productions from all over the world. Do you know that DreamWorks, Warner, Disney, Marvel and almost every American studio recently came to France? That the Minions are actually created in Paris?

Dedicated to Chinese producers, filmmakers and film financiers, the En Route to France conference will explain how to access France world famous landmarks and landscapes, access the best crew and get the support of generous French incentives. Already Jackie Chan and Wong Kar-wai received the support of the French State for their movies. During the presentation, French and Chinese filmmakers will share their experiences of filming in France and with French crew.

With the support of France-China 50 committee, the French Embassy in China, and Alliance 3D.