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Film France, a state-funding agency (supported by the CNC) in charge of promoting France, is the first stop for foreign production companies and individuals preparing to film in France.

A network of 41 local film commissions throughout the country offers free information on locations, crews, labour rates and facilities.

Film France provides assistance with contacting appropriate agencies regarding immigration/work permits and filming permits, as well as information regarding labour rates, studio facilities, post-production facilities and suppliers. Nowhere else in Europe will you find such a large diversity of locations combined with a highly skilled workforce.

Film France also provides information about coproduction opportunities in France and assists foreign producer who want to apply for the TRIP (Tax Rebate for International Production).

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28 January - 6 February : 5 events present a broad panorama of French cinema and television production skills.

The expertise of France's technical industries and technicians working in the film, audiovisual and animation industries is world class and one of our country's key assets.
Every year the 'Paris Images Trade Show' is a highlight of the events calendar aimed at showcasing this dynamic industry - a creator of many highly skilled jobs - to industry professionals from all over the world.
The event is an initiative by seven well-known organizations, all of which share the same ambition to promote French technical talents: the AFC, the Ile de France Film Commission, the IDIFF, L'Industrie du rêve, the CST, the FICAM and Film France.

Presenting a broad panorama of cinema and television production skills, Paris Images Trade Show is composed of 5 events:
Paris Images Digital Summit, Paris Images Pro, Paris Images Cinéma - L'Industrie du Rêve, Paris Images Location Expo and AFC Micro Salon. »